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The Revamp: Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation vs Face and Body

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation Review and Comparison to Face and Body

You know that moment when you find out one of your favourite products of all time gets discontinued and you immediately panic and plot out how many is considered reasonable to stock pile? I felt this way when I found out that the Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation was the replacement for my beloved Face and Body Foundation. The panic subsided slightly when the brand announced that the iconic formula was 'back and better than ever' - but I still knew I needed to put it to the test myself. So, does Water Blend hold up to my high expectations set by the original?

Healthy Hair Journey: The Hair Brush You NEED in Your Life

Healthy Hair Series: Wet Brush Review

Hair has been a sensitive subject for me in recent years. Right up to the end of my twenties I had gorgeously soft, fine yet dense, straight chestnut hair that easily and enviously grew to the middle of my back. Then I hit 30 and the hormonal shift that seems to happen in many of us wrecked havoc on my locks transforming it from not just fine to also thin, brittle and tangled, frizzy rats nest nightmare. I was gutted (and still am) and have been struggling ever since to find products that might give me even a glimpse of my former hair glory. This brings me to my latest series: The Healthy Hair Journey. It's only fitting that I kick this series off with one of the few that I have noticed a significant difference with, The Wet Brush. If you have hair past your chin, this one is for you! 

Dark Circles Beware: Kat Von D's Lock It Concealer Creme

Kat Von D Concealer Creme Review and Swatches

Le't make this clear right from the get-go - I look half asleep  (*cough* dead) without undereye concealer. I also find it one of the toughest products to shop for because everything is either too dry, too creasy, doesn't come in the right shade for me or doesn't last worth a damn. The struggle is real, folks. 
When I heard about the newly launched Kat Von D Concealer Creme, and that it was a completely new formula, I just had a good feeling. Turns out, I should always listen to my gut, because this stuff kicks ass

Good Grease: 5 Cleansing Oils I Love and How to Use Them

5 Cleansing Oils I love and how to use them: tatcha, palmers, boscia, demalogica, the body shop

Ages ago I did a post called 'Good Grease' which had my 5 favourite Balm Cleansers in it. I have been meaning to do a 5 Favourite Oil Cleansers ever since. Over the years I have fallen in love with oil cleansing as a super effective way to get off my makeup that is also gentle and balancing on the skin. Here are 5 I have been rotating through, from drugstore to luxury, and why I love each one.