What Everyone Is Talking About | ColourPop Cosmetics

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So unless you are new to beauty on the internet as a whole, you've probably heard about ColourPop Cosmetics at some point in the recent past. The brand has blown up on YouTube and blogs a plenty and everyone seems to be saying the same thing :  It's so unique, you have to try it for yourself. So at a temptingly affordable $5 per shadow/lipstick and $8 per blush I did exactly that, and I have some thoughts. Let's break it down, shall we?

Sunday Steals | Real Techniques Sculpting Brush vs Sigma F84 Brush

 techniques sculpting brush, chanel soleil tan de chanel, allure magazine april 2015

I love a good makeup brush, and own my fair share of them. Some of them were stupidly expensive, so I always love it when I find one that comes in under $15 and does the job beautifully! I picked up todays Sunday Steal because it was very reminiscent of one of my favourite brushes - my Sigma f84 Angled Top Kabuki, but for about $10 less. Here's how they stack up against each other...

Choosing Makeup For A Weekend Away

Makeup for when you are travelling

My closest friends (and Mr Girl Loves Gloss) will tell you I have a makeup collection that is (borderline) ridiculous in size. Sometimes when I travel or go away it can be hard to whittle down to a few decent choices that are easy to pack and make the most impact with the least amount of bulk. So recently when I visited my folks for Mother's Day I took note of my weekend away essentials and some tips to make a minimal amount of product cover as many bases as possible.

5 Products I Didn't Think I'd Like, But I Did

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It's probably no surprise as a blogger that writes about makeup and beauty products and an overall beauty industry enthusiast, that I can be pretty picky about what I am looking for in a product. I don't often settle for products that don't do exactly what I want, and I usually have a solid idea if I'm going to like something before I purchase.
From time to time however, something will totally surprise me and prove my prior notions wrong. Here's a handful of products that I am glad to say well out performed what I expected.